Muay Thai Coach Course

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Muay Thai Coach Course.

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Muay Thai Coach Course.

Giving the course private by Kru Manop.

The course follows the topics:

1. How to teach basic skill in Muay Thai, advance technique combination and sparring.
2.Wai Kru
3.Pad Holding
4.Preparing the fighter before the match hand wrap, massage and how to take care after after the fight and resting days.
5. Coaching during the fight.
6.Scoring points and Muay Thai ‘s rules.
7.The stadium experience.

Duration of the Muay Thai Coach Course : 14 hrs (max 7 days) + 1 night to see the fight or coaching if there is the gym’s match of student at the stadium.

Requirmen for the course : minimum 10 fights in Muay Thai pro or 2 years Muay Thai teaching experience.

Included the accommodation at the gym, certificate recognize by Kru Manop (Manop Gym), Kru Muaythai Association and Muay Boran Association , head dress (Mongkon) and Prajiad (arm bands).