Muay Thai Training Course

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At Manop gym, we offer Muaythai training suitable for everyone all the levels and fitness. The training team has Kru Manop as a head trainer. The beginner will give step by step instruction focusing more on the basic and technique Muay Thai while the fighter we focus on improving the technique, strength and get ready for the fight.

Training days Mon-Sat (Sunday is off).

Morning session 8-10
Afternoon session 4-6
Every morning starts with warm up run.
Every session
– Rope skipping
-Shadow boxing
-Bagwork (supervised by trainer)
-Padwork with trainer
-Drill on the bags (knees, kick, push kick,
-Sparring 3Ă—weekly
– Core exercise (neck, arms, back, abs,legs.)
-Cool down and stretching
-Wai kru after afternoon session if you wish.