Kru Manop is worldwide acclaimed as one of the most accomplished Muay Thai Master and has somehow become synonym in the past decade of the highest skilled Muay Thai instruction specially in what regards the teaching of the technical style known as Muay fimeu(muay femur).He is now available to teach to small groups of students in an intimate and relaxed environment at his new cam Manop Gym nestled in the tranquil outskirts of Chiang Mai.Kru Manop started to fight professionally at 9 years old competing until 21 years of age collecting a total of 120+ plus fights , performing in the most prestigious Muay Thai Stadiums of Thailand such as Channel 7, Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium, Rangsit and Samrong Stadium.       After retirement from competitions his passion for the art of tge eight limbs made him start working as Muay Thai Trainer to teach his daughter Fah in 2007, under prestigious 13 Coing Gym in Bangkok fullfilling in this way his legacy. There, he was instantly noticed by superstar and living muay thai legend Saenchai that personally asked him to become his trainer. During his carreer as trainer spanning for over 10 years Kru Manop, beside continuing to be the personal trainer of Saenchai,  worked as head trainer in some of the most muay thai camps in Thailand(such as Yokkao, Paeminburi, Phetsiri gym) and prepared numerous top thai and foreign fighters personally forming himself several noticeable fighters such as: -Fah Manop Gym(his daughter and first student, S1 World Champion, IFMA gold medalist, Thailand Champion)-Hongthonglek Chor .Pliansri (Thailand Champion)-Koko Paeminburi(Channel 7 Champion, Thailand Champion)-Sprinter Pangkongprap(Rajadamnern Champion).In 2017 Kru Manop got also certified by the Thai Government(Board of Boxing Sport) as Muay Thai Coach A License(Golden Mongkon, Grand Master)which equals to the highest level recognized by the Ministry Of Sport.Beside his activity in Thailand, Kru Manop is always available for seminars and stages abroad.

Manop gym is located in Chiang  Mai northern Thailand, 15 km. from downtown. The gym is close the the high way no.1001, shops,restaurants and easy to move around with public green Song Thaw (the pick up truck with 2 lines of seat and roof.) But the gym is still cut off from the traffic notice and will not see it.

85/8 Moo 3 Nonghan, Sansai Chiang Mai 50290 E-mail: manopgym@gmail.com Tel: (+66)987757119 


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